Although it's unseasonably warm in many areas, it's October and winter is coming, so now is a great time to take out your notepads and give your rental properties the once over. Doing so before the harsh weather sets in could save you time, stress a...

The Up Side:

Buying property in a college town presents both an opportunity and a dilemma for investors.  On the upside, you can almost guarantee a large pool of prospective tenants, ensuring a positive monthly cash flow. But, you can also expect a high turnover rate, a...

Calculated Gamble:

If only picking the right rental investment property came down to a magic formula, there would be fewer headaches for you and your tenants. But, the truth is,  while you might have a knack for making good selections, nobody gets it right every time....

Several years ago, I owned a couple of properties on a sought-after street in Georgetown, DC.  When I put one of them on the market, I was presented with a lease to own proposal.  It came from a nice, young couple who wanted the property but didn't have the down paymen...

 One of my goals is to find a vacation property within driving distance that my family can enjoy.  But, buying a second home is rarely a smart financial move. You have all of the cost of a primary residence, and only get to enjoy it for a short time. So to capitalize o...

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